Casino Online Bonus: Can I Cash In My Bonus?

During my recent research for my book “Caveat emptor: The Future of Casino Business in the USA and
Reports”, I learned that the recent proposal by House Majority Leader Harry Reid (D NV) and Senate
Majority Leader Senator Robert Menendez (D NJ) to eliminate the tax incentives paid to online casinos
was not going over well with the states or the cities either. Casinos are generally viewed as a problem
during downturn periods when people are struggling to make ends meet, but there was so much more to
this story. The House and Senate voted to permanently eliminate the AMT as part of a deal to renew the
tax extenders, but President Obama is hoping that he can get the other parties to go along with his plan
to permanently reduce the AMT. I will write about this in my next post.

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The House and Senate voted to permanently eliminate the casino online bonus as a part of the tax
extenders package Online Slot India, and the House also voted to permanently eliminate the Gaming Commission’s ability
to regulate online casinos. This is part of a larger deal to reauthorize the Employee Retirement Income
Security Act (ERISA). But it will not be a “clean cut”, as most observers expect. The House and Senate
voted to gut the EIRSA regulations which were designed to protect the retirees and benefit the workers
too. Casinos are one area of the economy suffering because Congress does not want to help the smaller
casinos which have a lot of trouble making their payrolls from employee payroll taxes and have given up
on trying.
It was my contention that the House and Senate were trying to appease their anti-casino political base
and to appease the voters at the polls by passing a bill that eliminates the casino online bonus and the
EIRSA regulations. The players certainly are upset because the bonuses are no longer there, and the
EIRSA regulations make it harder to gamble on the internet. But the real losers in all of this are the states
who rely on the casinos for their gambling revenue. If they lose that revenue the casinos and online
bookmakers could close their doors. That is not a concern for the House and Senate; they care more
about the states losing their gambling revenue than they do about the players losing out on free money.
There are some different types of online casino bonuses that are currently disappearing because of the
new tax law. One of those is the welcome bonus that allows you to deposit and receive a little cash as an
initial deposit to your account. After depositing you can then withdraw the welcome bonus – this can give
you a good little bump into the cashback bonuses. Now keep in mind that the House and Senate did pass
a different type of bonus through the Tax extender package that would never have made it to the House
floor but for this one problem, the House and Senate successfully passed it. So the welcome bonus and
other such different types of casino bonus regulations won’t be coming back.

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Another issue with many online casinos that could go away is the minimum casino deposit requirement.
There used to be a time when you needed to deposit a certain amount of funds into your account in order
to take part in the slots games. Now the minimum requirement for most of the slots games is a dollar or
less. I’m not sure how much further casinos would go if the minimum requirements were changed to a
few hundred dollars. If you are playing slots games at home and want to make some extra cash you could
go ahead and do so, but if you are serious about making a real income then you should stick with slot
machines that require actual money to play.
There are also some high roller games and roulette, which require an initial deposit of a lot of money.
These games would be a whole other story if you didn’t have to use any money. Some of these high
rollers play for hours and never touch the wheel so there would never be any problem with providing
funds to participate. However there are the lucky ones who actually win money on the machine through
the spins. Once again, this is where the issue arises. If someone has won on a machine that requires an
initial deposit of a few hundred dollars then it doesn’t make sense for them to then play on another
machine where they can potentially win thousands of dollars.

Casino Online Bonus: Can I Cash In My Bonus?

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